About me

Rhiannon Banks-Morgan

Professional Postpartum doula and infant care specialist , Lactation Consultant

My name is Rhiannon Banks-Morgan. I am the owner of Rhiannon Banks Doula. First and foremost, I am a mother! My own experiences while pregnant and during the fourth trimester inspired me to become a postpartum and infant care doula. I came to the realization it really does take a village, or in this case a doula! I am unbelievably passionate about “mothering the mother”. More than often, when a newborn is brought into this world, we are all about baby and tend to forget about the incredibly strong woman who gave them life. Attending and taking care of mom has been a large part of my inspiration to become a doula. I am here not only for the infant but to nurture and empathize with the parents as well.

Just a few things I do…

  • Hike! My son & I love fresh air and being in touch with nature.
  • Meditation & Yoga. Need I say more?
  • Bake. Who doesn’t love the aroma of fresh baked goods in the house?
  • Spend every moment I can (minus “mommy time”) with my pride & joy.
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