Welcome Momma!

As a Doula who adores her job, it is my goal to provide continuous, non-judgmental, emotional, physical and informational support immediately after the arrival of the newborn(s) and mother has entered the fourth trimester.

What is the “Fourth Trimester?” We hear a lot about the three trimesters of pregnancy. But many women (and even some medical professionals) know little about a newly described and critical time period in women’s lives that desperately needs our attention: the fourth trimester.

If you are wondering what to expect during the fourth trimester and why doulas play such a massive role during this period, this article serves you the tea! https://www.mother.ly/child/the-4th-trimester-struggle-is-real

“The emotional labor pains of becoming a mother are far greater than the physical pangs of birth; these are the growing surges of your heart as it pushes out selfishness and fear and makes room for sacrifice and love. It is a private and silent birth of the soul, but it is no less holy than the event of childbirthperhaps even more sacred.”
—Joy Kusek

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